Mornings with Mookie, Billie Jo & Lori

Weekdays 5:30am - 9:00am
Mornings with Mookie, Billie Jo, and Lori on 95.9 CHFM … here’s what you need to know: Mookie has basically found his dream job. Billie Jo is probably the sweetest person, ever, although she probably wouldn’t agree. And the final piece of the personality puzzle is Lori, often called the “Human Antidepressant”. Together they are a trinity of fun mornings, join them for Calgary’s Perfect Music Mix and to find out what’s going on in Calgary, and everywhere else!

Forgive & Forget

Need forgiveness from someone in your life? Every morning at 7am, Mookie, Billie Jo and Lori are here to help you ask for forgiveness from someone that you may have wronged, oooor maybe just didn't tell the whole truth too! If you have someone you would like us to call and ask for forgiveness from, fill out our form!

Sasha Spencer

Weekdays 9am - 1pm
If a “foodie” is a person who loves food and can’t boil an egg, then Sasha is a HUGE “foodie”! A born and raised Albertan, Sasha admittedly watches garbage television, loves kitties, free food, (see above), a truly good cup of coffee and searching for that perfect recipe for someone else to cook. (see above, above) Sasha also loves being middays on 95.9 CHFM FM.

Ben Jeffery

Weekdays 1pm - 3pm & Saturday & Sundays 3pm - 7pm
Ben appreciates a charming story, is permanently prepared for a bike ride and years of living in an all-female home has made him at ease watering a garden, fixing a flat or unclogging a sink. He cooks a fabulous crepe too. Catch Ben Jeffery for a goof-ball take on our world…with an intelligent slant…and never trust anyone with two first names.

Erin Wilde

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm
Erin is our Elaine Dancin’, Tequila lovin’ West Coast girl clocking in some serious mic time, over 20 years’ worth! A mom of 3 or 4 if you count her fur baby. Erin divides her time between chauffeuring her kids around and enjoying a glass of wine. You can catch Erin’s family friendly show Weekdays, 3-7pm.

Adele & Ryan

Weekdays 7pm - 9pm
Wrap up your day with a smile! Join Adele and Ryan weekday evenings on 95.9 CHFM.  Email Adele and Ryan 

Kevin Hayes

Weekends 10am - 3pm
Kevin is a bit of a nerd, and he wears that badge with honour! He knows everything about the latest gadgets, and if there’s a new super hero movie coming out, you can find him at the theaters on opening night. He’s new to Calgary but has fallen in love with the city. You can catch him Saturday's and Sunday's from 10am to 3pm!

No Repeat Workday

Weekdays from 9am - 5pm we're guaranteeing a No Repeat Workday!

Love Songs

Weeknights 9pm - 11pm
From your first crush, to the high school dance and your wedding, nothing beats a great love song! Join Darren Osborne and celebrate all things love – for better, for worse – on the new show Love Songs! Weeknights at 9pm on 95.9 CHFM!