Mornings with Mookie, Billie Jo & Lori

Weekdays 5:30am-9:00am
Mornings with Mookie, Billie Jo, and Lori on 95.9 CHFM … here’s what you need to know: Mookie has basically found his dream job. Billie Jo is probably the sweetest person, ever, although she probably wouldn’t agree. And the final piece of the personality puzzle is Lori, often called the “Human Antidepressant”. Together they are a trinity of fun mornings, join them for Calgary’s Lite Music Mix and to find out what’s going on in Calgary, and everywhere else!

Sasha Spencer

Weekdays 9am-2pm, Sunday 7am-10am
If a “foodie” is a person who loves food and can’t boil an egg, then Sasha is a HUGE “foodie”! A born and raised Albertan, Sasha admittedly watches garbage television, loves kitties, free food, (see above), a truly good cup of coffee and searching for that perfect recipe for someone else to cook. (see above, above) Sasha also loves being middays on 95.9 CHFM FM.

Erin Wilde

Erin is our Elaine Dancin’, Tequila lovin’ West Coast girl clocking in some serious mic time, over 20 years’ worth! A mom of 3, or 4 if you count her fur baby, Erin divides her time between chauffeuring her kids around and enjoying a glass of wine. You can catch Erin’s family friendly show Weekdays, 2-7pm.

Michelle Yi

Thursday & Friday 7p-11p, Saturday & Sunday 3p-7p
This west coast girl keeps it real, weekends on 95.9 CHFM with some honest, friendly conversation. Michelle has plenty of time during the week to shower all her attention on her chi-weenie Avery and pit bull Dodi. All she needs is a wacky landlord and we’d have a 3’s Company spin off.


There’s nothing better than summer, except maybe for long weekends!  However you decided to spend your extra time, make sure you let 95.9 CHFM be a part of it. Long weekends on 95.9 CHFM is brought to you by Summer Fresh Salads, Hummus and Dips…real food you can feel good about everyday.

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