Nov 7


On Saturday, November 7th, Making Changes will be hosting a 7-hour Instagram Live ‘POWERFUL YOU’ experience from 12p to 7p.

It’s no secret that this year has looked a lot different for all of us, so Making Changes is putting this on to remind us all of our inner power and to gather in community; virtually for now.

They will be bringing all the elements of what makes our community so magical together for a jam-packed day full of talks and mini-workshops with topics from fashion to wellness, to local favourites, gifts, travel, and more.

Why Powerful You? A lot of people think that Making Changes is all about clothes. But it is so much more than clothes. It is how those clothes make you feel. Its walking straighter, holding your head a bit higher because you have the self confidence that you know you look good and that you fit in…..maybe even stand out.

Empowerment is the real heart of Making Changes – We are women helping to empower other women. Our programs are free and help women and teen girls of all ages, backgrounds and stages in life. They provide resources, clothing/wardrobes, new skills and support to help women pursue their education, work, careers and to make meaningful contributions to their community.

Powerful You will immerse you with a collection of power hours that will inspire you to explore the power within and to ignite your purpose. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @makingchangesyyc.

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