Check out our new look!

Welcome to 95.9 CHFM. We’ve had a bit of a makeover, and you’re one of the first to see it!  

We love it here and for over 50 years, we’ve been the soundtrack for Calgarians while you work and play. During that time, we’ve made a few changes – our name … our look, but the one thing that has always stayed the same is the pride we have in the city where we live.  But, it was time for a little change… and some new decorations.

So … here we are. 95.9 CHFM.  All bright and shiny, just in time for Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, we continue another Calgary tradition – playing all Christmas music now until Boxing Day.  Then we’ll be back with Calgary’s Lite Music Mix, playing all the music you know from the artists you love like Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, P!nk, Journey, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith … well, you get the idea.

95.9 CHFM – Great music for a great city. We love where we live and what we do…   

Calgary is amazing because of its people. We have many transplants from other provinces and that doesn’t matter here. We just become one big happy family! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Working at 95.9 CHFM with such an incredible team makes me feel connected to a family.
And being able to share our lives with our listeners, well, that is just the icing on the cake!

Billie Jo
I love that Calgary is so diverse and incredibly generous! You constantly hear stories about communities or individuals stepping up and helping out. Calgary is a big city with a small town feel and I love that.
And I love working at 95.9 CHFM because it gives me to opportunity to make genuine relationships with our listeners. We’re more than just music and information, we’re part of Calgary!

Lori Gibbs
For me it’s all about the people. And Calgary has awesome people! We are a diverse city and so down to earth. And come on, how can you not love to being able to see the Rockies on a clear day. It always takes my breath away. When I started at 95.9 CHFM everyone welcomed me like an old friend. I felt like I had just joined a new family! Being able to come in everyday and work with such talented people is incredible!

Sasha Spencer
I grew up in small town Alberta and remember taking trips into Calgary. It was a thrill for me to be in the “Big City”. And now I live here and love it! I am very proud to call Calgary my home! And the cherry on top! I am working at 95.9 CHFM! The most dedicated group of people I have ever met! They are my family, and that means a lot coming from a small Alberta town.

Erin Wilde
I’ve proudly called Calgary home for the past 11 years….and honestly, I can’t think of a better place to raise my family.  I love that Calgary is a big city but still has the values and friendliness of a smaller city.  From time to time, I meet born & bred Calgarians but mostly, I meet people like myself who hail from somewhere else.  Calgary is a colourful melting pot in the middle of the Prairies!  I love living here and I love working at 95-9 CHFM….a station that’s getting back to its roots with an amazing staff to back it up.

Sue Deyell
Calgary is growing and thriving and I love that! The friends I have made here have become my family! I consider myself lucky to be raising my son and daughter in such a great city! I love working in such a positive atmosphere at 95.9 CHFM. We are all working together to entertain and inform our listeners, and have a whole lot of fun along the way. It’s anamazing feeling!

Michelle Yi
I’ve only been in the city for a few years but it was so easy to fall in love with Calgary. We’re surrounded by nature in every part of this city.  It’s gorgeous here, but it’s truly the people who make a city … and Calgarians are beauties, inside and out … especially the ones I work with at CHFM. Seriously!

Ben Jeffery
For me, being so close to the Rockies, seeing them every day, is awe inspiring. I never take for granted the fact that on any given day I can drive a short distance and be amongst such beauty. Honestly, working at 95.9 CHFM is a page turning adventure for me. It’s a glorious feeling to be amongst such a fun group of people!


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