Now that warm weather is FINALLY here it’s time for housework to take a back seat to relaxing afternoons on the patio and weekend adventures with the kids.

Check these five simple tasks off of your list each day and you’ll never need to waste a sunny weekend on housework again.

  1. Declutter. Walk through your house and pick up anything that doesn’t belong and relocate it to it’s proper space.  If it doesn’t have a “home” it’s either time to find one or toss it.
  2. Wash, dry and put away at least one load of laundry.  If you do laundry daily, it’ll be easier to stay caught up and the never ending heap you’re probably way too familiar with will become a distant stranger.
  3. Empty and fill the dishwasher.  You’ll thank yourself again and again knowing an empty sink awaits your next kitchen scramble.
  4. Wipe the counters.  Clean counters are a game changer when prepping meals and can take your kitchen from messy to fresh and sparkling with little time and effort.
  5. Sweep the kitchen floors and any other hard surface flooring.  A daily sweep will help to eliminate the dreadful sound of Cheerios crunching under your feet and pet fur sticking to your clothes.

It may seem daunting to do these daily, but the more often you do, the less time they’ll take and the more time you’ll have for outdoor fun!